For one year we have been hosting our 10 000 members in our brand new rackets sports complex compound of 10 squash, 7 badminton, 2 padel tennis courts, and 1 restaurant .  For leisure  or competitors players, we organize several events such as club challenges, regional tournaments and national tournaments. Our 11 teams in national and local competition are also good advocates of our commitment in developing squash in France. After organizing big events like the French Veteran Championship in 2014, the French Master Open will be our next big date in 2017.


The complex

10 squash courts, 7 badminton courts and 2 padel tennis courts

Comfort after exertion

The space of relaxation and conviviality

Our Team

Michel, Cholé, Florence, François, Anthony, David, Loïc, Florian, Adrien, Fabien